Analog Recording

Drum set : Sonor AQ1 & Pearl P-2052B Eliminator Double Bass pedal with Belt Drive, Ludwig LM400 Supraphonic Snare 5x14

Cymbals: Paiste PST7 cymbal set & Istanbul Mehmet 16” china, Sabian B8X 16" crash.

Extras: LP204A black beauty cowbell

Guitar Tube amplifiers: Orange Dual Dark 50w, Engl Gigmaster 30w, Bugera 6262 Infinium

Bass amp: Ashdown Toneman 300 EVO III

Cabinets: Orange PPC212V with Celestion Neo Cream Back speakers, Engl Pro E212VB Pro with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, Harley Benton 212 Vertical with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, Ashdown Toneman 410 T Deep

Microphones: Shure SM7B, Shure SM57 (x2), Sennheiser e609, Sennheiser E835 (x3), Lewitt LCT440 Pure, MXL 990, Lewitt MTP440, AKG Drum Set Session I, Lewitt DTP 640 dual capsule kick drum mic, Lewitt LCT040 MATCH stereo pair.

D.I. Boxes: Rupert Neve Designs RNDI, 4 - channel Palmer DI

PA for rehearsal room: Yamaha DBR12

Studio Monitors: Yamaha HS8

Audio interface and console: Focusrite Scarlet 18i20, Behringer XR18 digital console

Microphone Preamps: Warm Audio WA12, Midas 502 (x2)

Computers: Apple Mac Pro & Mac mini

Software, Virtual Instruments & Plug-ins

Logic Pro X 

Studio One 3 Professional 

Final Cut Pro

Universal Audio Spark

Addictive Drums 2 

Ez Drummer

Northern Artilery Drums

Kvlt Drums II

Miroslav Philharmonic 

Slate Trigger 2

Waves Plug-ins 

Slate Everything Plug-ins 

Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle

STL Tonality - Andy James & Will Putney

Bias FX & Amp

Joey Sturgis Tones plug-ins

Arcade by Output

Electronic drum kits and synthesizers 

...and more...