Recording & Mixing

Recording: 15€/Hour    Mixing: Starting from 50€ - 100€/per song (Depending on genre and channel amount)  Reamping: Starting at 15€/per song (contact us for more info)

Digital Recording & Pre-production Sessions

Pre-recordings & digital music production using amp simulators, programmed drums, midi keys with a vast virtual instrument library to use for your music creations. We can help you shape and develop your musical ideas.  Price: 12€/hour

Drums Programming

We create realistic drum grooves with a large variety of drum libraries & samples that were recorded and used by the best producers and audio engineers.

starting at 20€ per song


Rehearsal  - 7€/hour   (Free rehearsal recording)   

Live Band Recording

Live demo recording and mixing - 50€/per song

Rap/Hip Hop Vocals

Vocals recording, editing, mixing and mastering starting at 35€/per song

Video Production

Video and audio recording and mixing for covers & playthroughs (drums, vocals, guitars, bass) up to 2 cameras (1080p, 4K) & Video editing starting at 35€.